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Celebrity car insurance uncovered

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Celebrity car insurance uncovered

The number of no win no fee claims made during the recession has soared.

The overall amount of compensation claims made has increased significantly as the downturn of the UK economy has left the councils, employers and motorists struggling to cover the costs of carrying out health and safety regulations and simple repairs.

Road accidents

With more motorists failing to carry out MOT and safety checks in fear of having to fork out extra repair costs during the crisis, along with the increasing number of pothole damage to Britain’s roads, previous claims that the number of road accidents will soar has been proved wrong.

Figures from the Department for Transport, (DfT) revealed that the number of road accidents in the UK has reduced for the year ending March 2009.

According to the figures, the number of road casualties fell by eight per cent with the number of fatalities or those seriously injured falling by nine per cent.

AA Insurance has welcomed the DfT’s figures.

Fall figures good news

Director of AA Insurance, Simon Douglas said: “The falling accident rate is good news, especially as this continues a long-term downward trend.”

The director stated that he was not “really surprised to see it” as the recession has discouraged car use.

He said: “This year has seen fuel prices rise along with other demands on family budgets as well as rising levels of redundancy, all of which discourages car use: indeed, the DfT notes that traffic volumes fell by two per cent over the year.”

However, despite the fall in road accidents, he pointed out that there has been a surge in the number of a personal injury claims made, stating that motorists involved in road accidents are “much more inclined to make personal injury claims.”

The statement came after research revealed that there was an increase in the number of no win no fee claims made as a result of personal injuries. This compares to the decline in the number of road accidents in the UK.

Figures published by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) revealed that the number of no win no fee claims for injuries reached 9.6 billion last year – 8.8 billion more than in 2006.

Douglas stated that “those involved in accidents are much more inclined to make personal injury claims,” even for injuries such as whiplash.

However, work accidents could account for a majority of no win no fee claims made.

Work accidents

According to a North East law firm, with over 60 per cent of employees believing that their employers are less focused on health and safety at work due to the recession giving them bigger worries, “the recession could well be having an impact on the number of workplace accidents.”

A spokesperson from the solicitor firm said: “It is understandable that many businesses are currently taking actions to reduce costs, but it is vital that workers’ safety is not compromised.”

She added: “Industrial accidents are a common occurrence, and even in an office environment, accidents can and do happen. If you have any queries about your rights if you have suffered an injury, you should seek legal advice.”

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4 Reasons To Hire A Classic Car

For an entertaining, challenging and ultimately fulfilling experience, hire vintage cars to have a distinct driving experience in the winding roads and the idyllic country of the British country side for a few days. Whether for birthdays, special breaks or anniversaries, driving or being driven in an old-timer is a classic way to celebrate a short break or a special occasion. Those who would like to drive classic cars for various reasons without incurring the high maintenance costs associated with ownership may opt for vintage car hire.

If you want a vintage vehicle for a corporate event

Chauffeur driven old-timers may be hired to shuttle guests to the event site, giving guests the delight of being driven in an authentic classic and adding to the event, a touch of character and sophistication. Hire a vintage car to create a lasting impression on your business associates.

If you want an unusual Weekend Break

What could be more fascinating than a classic car break in Yorkshire? Yorkshire with its widespread heritage including magnificent ruins and the National Parks of Moors and Dales with stunning Landscapes and its breath taking Coastline offers an ideal weekend destination for families to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.  You can choose to hire a jaguar sports car or one that would fit the whole family in total comfort.

If you want an exclusive gift

Hiring an Aston Martin and driving a loved one for a special occasion such as birthdays or silver, golden or even diamond jubilee celebrations is an exclusive experience that will definitely exceed loved ones expectations. Dumfries and Galloway the biggest town in the South Western part of Scotland offers beautiful landscape and atmosphere for you to drive your old-timer. This ideal location will leave definitely leave fond memories to all who visit it.

If you want a Wedding get away Vehicle

Hiring a vintage is a different and exciting way for honeymooners to spend their special time together after the hectic phase of planning the wedding and the wedding itself. What could be more enchanting than a classic Rolls Royce honeymoon in Cornwall and Devon’s idyllic countryside and Coast? The awe-inspiring scenery of the country side with its welcoming atmosphere and winding roads will definitely bring back fond memories of the wedding thereby providing couples a real escape from chaotic city life.

Classic car  hire will enable enthusiasts; tour some of the finest countryside for truly memorable drives thereby rekindling their fondest classic car memories with the smell of leather and the bubble of the exhaust.

Why People Adore and Collect Antique Cars

The American automobile industry began in the early 20th century and has been a huge factor in creating the society we live in today. It was the driving factor in creating the system of superhighways linking the country together. It was the driving force in the creation of the suburbs, many of which you can only get to by car. And, on the negative side, it can be argued, that it was the primal force in helping to speed the breakup of the nuclear family. It made travel so easy that it became almost trivial for family members to move cross country and start a family unit in an entirely new state.

Antique car collecting and restoration is a hobby practiced by people all over the world. Even American celebrities fall in love with them. Jay Leno, in addition to hosting the Tonight Show, is known for his huge collection of antique cars and motorcycles going all the way back to the early 20th century. Past stars know for their love of cars are Larry Hagman and Steve McQueen.

But you don’t have to be a celebrity to love antique cars. People collect them for various reasons.

They Love the Attention

Do you have a spit polished Model T Ford sitting in your garage? Try driving that car down virtually any street in America and it is almost guaranteed people will stop and stare at it. The same will be true for almost any classic antique car. If you love being the center of attention, this is one surefire way to achieve it.

They Love Tinkering

Any mechanic in love with automobiles would love to work on some of the classic antique models of the past. What car fanatic wouldn’t love to turn up the hood of a Model T Ford and customize it to their specifications? Or create their own unique “hot rod” from the shell of a discarded antique auto. And who wouldn’t want to play with an engine that is real high performance?

They See it as an Investment

If you know the market, know a good mechanic or are a good mechanic yourself, and are good at finding deals – finding, repairing, and reselling antique automobiles can be an excellent investment – or speculation. Like any other form of investment, there are cycles. There are times when the market is flooded with sellers and few buyers. And conversely, there are times when you have many buyers vying for the same model of car. The key is knowing when to buy, when to sell, and what to look for.


One of the reasons people love antique cars is that, for them, it brings back childhood or teenage memories. Maybe they had their first date in that car, or that is the car the family when on annual picnics, or maybe it was the car to have when they were young but they couldn’t afford it. The nostalgia market is worth billions of dollars and those longing for the antique autos of their youth account for only a small piece of it.

Pursuing a love of antique autos is just another way of looking fondly and nostalgically back at our culture and remembering our country’s history.

Environmentally Friendly Cars – De-mystifying the Hybrid Cars

You keep hearing the term Hybrid Cars lately and been wondering what they are. Here is a list of selected Hybrid car facts that hopefully explains what hybrid cars are:

They are not Sci-fi Sounding cars of Hollywood, but some Celebrities do own them. In light of the ever-rising gasoline fuel cost, car manufacturers have started innovating on Hybrid Cars. And No, hybrid cars are certainly not cars which spring from Sci-Fi movies, but in real life where consumers like you and me have started to be become more aware of.

Even A-List Hollywood Celebrities with the likes of Bard Pitt, Leonardo Di Caprio, Tom Hanks, Jack Nicholson, Cameron Diaz, Alicia Silverstone own at least one of Hybrid car in their garages..

Less Power But Much More Miles Per Gallon Hybrid cars are believed to typically produce less power. To compensate for this, they are designed and made very light weight. This is also why their aerodynamic characteristics are more prevalent, intended to cut down on drag and wind resistance as well as noise.

Achieves Average of 50 mpg. Hybrid Cars enjoy excellent fuel economy with the 2009 models promising an average of 50 mpg or miles per gallon. Thanks to the constant development of the Hybrid car technology, the mpg achievement has begun to raise eyebrows amongst the most staunch owners of conventional cars.

So What is the Parallel hybrid? Simply put, a parallel hybrid car is one which uses both a fuel tank with gasoline and a set of batteries. Both the engine and the electric motor can turn the transmission simultaneously. The fuel tank and the gas engine connect to the transmission and the batteries and electric motor connect to the transmission separately.

And What is the Series Hybrids? The series Hybrid car has a gasoline engine turns a generator, and the generator either charges the batteries or powers the electric motor that is used to turn the transmission. The gasoline engine is not used to power the vehicle directly. However, all the components eventually connect with the transmission to run the Hybrid engine. Lower Fuel Emissions help to curb the infamous “Greenhouse Effect”, saves the ozone and atmosphere, giving us cleaner air and better environment for our children to breathe and live in.

Truly, The Clever, Cleaner, Comfy Car â?? The Hybrid. Hybrid Cars are eco-smart, as comfortable as a conventional one and environmentally friendly, in a class of its own, achieving fuel economy, Reduced emissions and hence less pollution, slower depreciation, great savings and more tax rebates, and ultimately causing less reliance on fossil fuels in the future.

And for more reads on Environmentally Friendly Hybrid cars, visit my site.