Environmentally Friendly Cars – De-mystifying the Hybrid Cars

You keep hearing the term Hybrid Cars lately and been wondering what they are. Here is a list of selected Hybrid car facts that hopefully explains what hybrid cars are:

They are not Sci-fi Sounding cars of Hollywood, but some Celebrities do own them. In light of the ever-rising gasoline fuel cost, car manufacturers have started innovating on Hybrid Cars. And No, hybrid cars are certainly not cars which spring from Sci-Fi movies, but in real life where consumers like you and me have started to be become more aware of.

Even A-List Hollywood Celebrities with the likes of Bard Pitt, Leonardo Di Caprio, Tom Hanks, Jack Nicholson, Cameron Diaz, Alicia Silverstone own at least one of Hybrid car in their garages..

Less Power But Much More Miles Per Gallon Hybrid cars are believed to typically produce less power. To compensate for this, they are designed and made very light weight. This is also why their aerodynamic characteristics are more prevalent, intended to cut down on drag and wind resistance as well as noise.

Achieves Average of 50 mpg. Hybrid Cars enjoy excellent fuel economy with the 2009 models promising an average of 50 mpg or miles per gallon. Thanks to the constant development of the Hybrid car technology, the mpg achievement has begun to raise eyebrows amongst the most staunch owners of conventional cars.

So What is the Parallel hybrid? Simply put, a parallel hybrid car is one which uses both a fuel tank with gasoline and a set of batteries. Both the engine and the electric motor can turn the transmission simultaneously. The fuel tank and the gas engine connect to the transmission and the batteries and electric motor connect to the transmission separately.

And What is the Series Hybrids? The series Hybrid car has a gasoline engine turns a generator, and the generator either charges the batteries or powers the electric motor that is used to turn the transmission. The gasoline engine is not used to power the vehicle directly. However, all the components eventually connect with the transmission to run the Hybrid engine. Lower Fuel Emissions help to curb the infamous “Greenhouse Effect”, saves the ozone and atmosphere, giving us cleaner air and better environment for our children to breathe and live in.

Truly, The Clever, Cleaner, Comfy Car â?? The Hybrid. Hybrid Cars are eco-smart, as comfortable as a conventional one and environmentally friendly, in a class of its own, achieving fuel economy, Reduced emissions and hence less pollution, slower depreciation, great savings and more tax rebates, and ultimately causing less reliance on fossil fuels in the future.

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