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4 Reasons To Hire A Classic Car

For an entertaining, challenging and ultimately fulfilling experience, hire vintage cars to have a distinct driving experience in the winding roads and the idyllic country of the British country side for a few days. Whether for birthdays, special breaks or anniversaries, driving or being driven in an old-timer is a classic way to celebrate a short break or a special occasion. Those who would like to drive classic cars for various reasons without incurring the high maintenance costs associated with ownership may opt for vintage car hire.

If you want a vintage vehicle for a corporate event

Chauffeur driven old-timers may be hired to shuttle guests to the event site, giving guests the delight of being driven in an authentic classic and adding to the event, a touch of character and sophistication. Hire a vintage car to create a lasting impression on your business associates.

If you want an unusual Weekend Break

What could be more fascinating than a classic car break in Yorkshire? Yorkshire with its widespread heritage including magnificent ruins and the National Parks of Moors and Dales with stunning Landscapes and its breath taking Coastline offers an ideal weekend destination for families to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.  You can choose to hire a jaguar sports car or one that would fit the whole family in total comfort.

If you want an exclusive gift

Hiring an Aston Martin and driving a loved one for a special occasion such as birthdays or silver, golden or even diamond jubilee celebrations is an exclusive experience that will definitely exceed loved ones expectations. Dumfries and Galloway the biggest town in the South Western part of Scotland offers beautiful landscape and atmosphere for you to drive your old-timer. This ideal location will leave definitely leave fond memories to all who visit it.

If you want a Wedding get away Vehicle

Hiring a vintage is a different and exciting way for honeymooners to spend their special time together after the hectic phase of planning the wedding and the wedding itself. What could be more enchanting than a classic Rolls Royce honeymoon in Cornwall and Devon’s idyllic countryside and Coast? The awe-inspiring scenery of the country side with its welcoming atmosphere and winding roads will definitely bring back fond memories of the wedding thereby providing couples a real escape from chaotic city life.

Classic car  hire will enable enthusiasts; tour some of the finest countryside for truly memorable drives thereby rekindling their fondest classic car memories with the smell of leather and the bubble of the exhaust.

Visit the Festivals in Murcia by Hire Car

For centuries an integral part of Spanish Culture has been the Fiesta, and one of the best ways to fully immerse your self in authentic Spanish tradition is to visit one of these colorful, vibrant celebrations of life.
Sometimes it seems as if festivals run consecutively from one into the next, the Spanish really do love to celebrate. Here is a guide to ensure you donat miss the biggest and the best festivals in Murcia.
For confirmation of dates and listing of what may be happening its best to contact Murcias Tourist Information. Details of which can be found at the bottom of this page.
The Spring Festival in Murcia is held relatively quickly after Easter, its an opportunity for all of the surrounding villages to come and dress in their local regional embroidered skirts and zaragaelles trousers. Its a festival to promote all of the market garden workers, a type of agriculture unique to this area of Spain. Like a display between male peacocks the villages take great pride in their appearance and compete in folk dancing, brightly colored floats adorn the streets and every available town square becomes a make shift market selling delicious traditional dishes of Murcia, be sure to try the “chuletas de cordero al ajo caba” A dish of succulent lamb chops served in a unique garlic vinegar dressing.
The protected woodland of this part of Spain is packed with local game. If you get the opportunity gorge your self on the grilled rabbit, hare, partridge and quail.
The first day of festivities start with a blessing of Virgin of Fuensanta, the patron of the city. From here colorful floats travel around the city. My advice is to locate yourself at one of the many excellent tapas bars en route, enjoy a glass of the local Jumilla region wine and let the carnival atmosphere come to you.
The following Saturday the celebrations take a bizarre twist. Perhaps the most extraordinary festivity of the year it all involves the burning of a sardine effigy and marks the mourning and end of the festivity.
Brass bands, stilt walkers, Chinese dragons, dancers and marching precessions festoon the city streets to the sound of Spanish music. Partying goes on late into the night so be sure to take your best flamenco dancing shoes.
During September Mucia comes alive again to celebrate the Citys patron saint La Virgen de la Fuensanta, parades, folk lore and pageants paint the perfect setting for this Autumnal festival.
Several smaller festivals, such as the pop music, film, bullfighting and Mediterranean folk lore festivals are incorporated in to the main festival, and take place in separate locations. Be sure to scourer the tourist information center so you dont miss anything. There are even performance pieces from Mucias twin town of Lodz in Poland, the atmosphere is sure to be electric in this truly international festival.
From the End of January for two months a City wide version of the Tate Modern takes place. Hosted in the cathedral, churches, existing galleries, and several of the outdoor squares in Murcia its a must see for any art modern art aficionados. Dont panic you dont have to don a serious gaze for a day and dress solely in black whilst you try to comprehend what the artists are attempting to communicate, there are guided tours that will talk you through the works of local and international artists. With a flavor of our Turner prize expect to see all kinds of outlandish conceptual art.
Last years event displayed a piece HORIZON MOINS VINGT (H-20) by Laurent Tixador and Abraham Poincheval it was more of an adventure than a work of art. They dug an underground tunnel by hand of some twenty meters and filled them selves in as they went. It represented a conceptual underground mobile home. With living space only a few meters in length and 166 cm high the two survived in the space for 20 days. They were supplied with fresh air during the 20 day excavation and were only in contact with the outside world via radios.
The best way to sample these festivities is undoubtedly with the use of a hire car. If youre determined not to miss anything and feeling a little more adventurous on your holiday you should definitely consider hiring a car.
Murcia tourist office:
Plaza Cardenal Belluga. Edificio Ayuntamiento, 30004 Murcia (Murcia)
Tel. +34 968358749 Fax +34 968358748

Visit The Festivals Of Alicante By Hire Car

Festivals in Spain play a huge role in people’s social calendars they are a celebration of life and culture, bright vibrant and lively they’re a perfect excuse to dress up, eat well and enjoy your time in Spain with a huge smile. If you’re on holiday at the right time in Spain be sure to make a festival part of your vacation.
All large cities in Spain host several festivals all year round celebrating one thing or another Alicante is certainly no exception. Here are a few ideas for excursions to visit the festivals in Alicante in your hire car. This is a list of the biggest and best but be sure to check with local tourist offices to get exact dates and information on any other festivals taking place.
As most of you will undoubtedly be visiting in the summer months Alicante’s summer festival is a good place to start.
Held in the area known as Paseo del Puerto the Summer Festival (Festival de Verano de Alicante) is one of the greatest held annually. It’s a celebration of music, theatre and dance hosted in a perfect setting near to the port you’ll be sure to have a great day out. With the acts aimed at the whole family this is a festival that the children and parents alike will enjoy. This event is not based around religion or processions through the streets like many that take place in Spain; it’s an occasion to bring together entertaining acts in one location, tickets can be purchased in advance for some of the bigger acts from street stalls or online.
Along side all of the performances make sure you sample some of the local foods on offer. As Alicante has a very busy fishing port bringing in the freshest sea food the Mediterranean has to offer it’s a great place to get really good paella. ‘The Darsena’ restaurant close to the marina has 150 different varieties of rice on offer and is popular with both tourists and locals. If you’re not a sea food person don’t fear the area also has a great selection of game and roasted meats, arroz con magro y verduras is a local creation of succulent slow roasted pork and locally grown vegetables.
If anyone has a sweet tooth try an almond and honey flavored ice cream, helado de turrón a specialty in Alicante and served from many restaurants and all of the ice cream parlors on the promenades.
Alicante’s past is swathed in Moorish heritage like much of the region it was ruled by the moors until they were overthrown in the 1492. Moorish Rule in the country had 5 distinct eras and each is depicted in the festival of the Moors and Christians. Every town in this region of Spain has a festival to commemorate this age of their history. Alicante is no exception and does it with flair and panache up to three times a year. Both the Moors and Christians are re-enacted in street processions known as ‘Entradas’ every body is dressed in amazing costumes of the period and marches along various routes to meet in the city center.
By far the most show stopping event of the year is the magical ‘Hogueras de San Juan’ or Bonfires of St John. It marks the Summer solstice and connects with the feast day of St John the Baptist. A truly spectacular event it has been marked as an international point of interest for tourists.
As the liveliest event of the year it encompasses all sorts of processions, events, acts and feasts, and of course the burning of useless items in huge bonfires at the end of the year to mark the Solstice. An interesting way of clearing out your household junk it has been happening since the twenties and today has evolved into a huge celebration of fireworks, partying, a medieval market and foods. Make sure you check locally to get accurate dates for all of the happenings in Alicante as they are slightly different every year.