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Justin Bieber’s Street Racing, DUI, $75,000 Strip Club Spending out of control kid!

Justin Bieber was arrested street racing a pair of rented exotic cars in Doral Florida. Justin was driving a yellow Lamborghini Gallardo Spider vs his friends red Ferrari 458 spider. Both cars were rented from lou la vie a local company located in S Florida.  To boot Justin also had been drinking and blew over the legal limit for 18-21 year olds. His first DUI at 19 years old. He was released from jail on a $2500 bond.

We have no idea how ou-la-vie allowed Justin to rent the cars since his license was expired at the time. We also heard he dropped $75,000 at a local strip club the night before. It seems being wealthy and famous has it’s privileges. The world is yours Justin!

Justin-Bieber-drag-race lou-la-vie-bieber