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Justin Bieber’s cars! Can you believe this kids life?

Just Beiber drives cars, lots of them!

Justin came from humble beginnings. Look where he is now…
He tools around in exotic cars that cost more than a middle class person
makes in five years…..

We say GO FOR IT LITTLE DUDE!! Enjoy everything in life while your still young! 

UPDATE: Justin’s new Cadi CTS-V in Matte Black


Bieber and his Ferrari F430 in falt black. He looks awkward in front of this car. His body hasn’t grown into his features yet…


P Diddy supposedly gave Justin the pink slip to his Lamborghini Gallardo on this 16th Birthday. True? Not sure, but here is a picture of him cruising in Diddys ride.

Here is the B dog in a Turbo Porsche 997. (thanks to TMZ for the picture)

Justins Big Pimpin Fisker Karma in Chrome no less!