Popular Cars of the Stars

Owning a car advertised or owned by actors, sportspersons or celebrities, is a dream of every youngster. A star stepping out of their favorite cars like a limousine or a Mercedes is a very common scene. Whenever they have to attend special events, a luxurious car drops them at their venue; it makes them appear more glamorous.
The Top Players
The top player in the celebrity class car market, Mercedes Benz, has a classy look and brilliant performance to match that. Movie stars like Britney Spears drives the Mercedes SL500 while Jim Carrey loves to move around in a McLaren SLR.
The Stretch Limousine came into picture after the First World War. It was made in Forth Smith, Arkansas in the U.S. These stretch limos were used to transport the well known “big band” leaders like Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller along with their musical instruments, equipments and orchestras across the country. Due to this, the early stretch cars were also referred to as “big band buses”. The limos have extra amenities including the flat screen television, audio players, bars, video players, and sometimes, refrigerators too.
Cadillac Escalade
With the advent of the Cadillac Escalade, General motors started offering a luxurious Sport Utility Vehicle through their well-known Cadillac model. Owning the Cadillac Escalade is a status symbol. Movie stars and other celebrities like Paris Hilton own one in her collection. This model is also famous among the athletes. The former Chris Mills, Golden State Warrior player prefer the designing of this sports utility vehicle. This popular model is not only seen on roads, but also in commercials, music videos, and different movies.
Celebrity Love for Autos Is Famous
Celebrities confess that they love cars and driving. They also would like to spend considerable time as well as money in building up a large collection of cars in their personal garage. So, let us see some of the vehicles that are driven by the rich and the famous. The 2008 Aston Martin V8 Vantage N400 is a gorgeous car and is the favorite of the very famous super spy, James Bond. This car first came into picture with the release of the movie Goldfinger, and it soon became James Bond’s company car.
Popular Movies Mean Popular Cars
In most of rock star Elvis Presley movies, his 1955 pink-colored Cadillac Fleetwood car was featured in a number of shots. This was the only car that he kept until he passed away. Another popular car in the movie industry was Bullet. This car was driven by Steve McQueen in the longest car chase scenes in the history of movies. Actors Leslie Nielson and O. J. Simpson in the movie Naked Gun get stuck in their squad cars that was parked at weird angle.
There are lot of names in the film industry, who owns special cars. Most of them rarely drive their cars, and even if they drive, they prefer broadways only to keep paparazzi off their cars.